0% APR Finance Available on selected products

What Finance Packages Do We Offer?


Finance available on qualifying orders between £280 and £10,000


Tailored and manageable monthly payments to suit you and your budget. T&Cs apply.

Will I Qualify for Finance?

To apply for one of our credit options you must meet the following criteria:

  • Over 18 years of age
  • A UK resident with at least 3 years continual address history
  • Be in full time employment, unless retired or a house person with a spouse in full time employment
  • Have a UK bank account capable of accepting Direct Debits
  • The goods must be delivered to your home address (submitted on your application)

How Do I Finance My Purchase?

3 Simple Steps

  1. Select the items you want and add to your basket and proceed to checkout.
  2. In the “checkout” section select “Proceed to Checkout” and  select “Apply for Finance – Klarna”.
  3. You will be asked to complete a simple online application, it’s quick, easy and you’ll get the decision within a matter of seconds.

How to Purchase an item using Finance

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

When do repayments begin?

All monthly payments are paid by direct debit from the applicant’s bank account. Typically the 1st payment will be due on or around one month after the date of the finance agreement being put in place and all subsequent monthly payments will be due every month for the length of your term on that same day every month. Please have sufficient funds in place for 7 days either side of your expected 1st payment. We cannot legislate for any changes due to weekends/bank holidays.

What do I need to apply ?

At the payment stage you will be required to fill out the online form and add an electronic signature. Please make sure you use your full name and address.

A transaction of 50p will be authorised against a credit or debit card you own, no money will be taken from your card the process is designed to protect you and us against fraud, the details are only used to confirm they are valid and registered to your address.

Can I use finance to purchase multiple items ?

Yes, you can add multiple items to your basket, when you get to checkout select payment option “Apply with Klarna”.

Who are Klarna Bank AB?

Klarna Bank AB is a Swedish Financial Services Authority, with limited supervision by the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority in the UK. HouseProud Furnishings chose Klarna Bank AB due to their ease of use, speedy process and their incredible experience. If you’re successful with your application, you will enter into a Credit Agreement with Klarna Bank AB. Klarna Bank AB is a trading name of Klarna Bank AB (publ).

I've got a question about the status of my finance application?

Please contact us. You will be able to find our contact details on our websites contact us page. Klarna Bank AB may also email you to advise you on the status of your application. Klarna Bank AB will use the email address you provided on the application form but if you haven’t received any emails from them, please check your junk and spam mail folders.

How do I amend my order?

Contact us directly if you want to amend any part of your order, including delivery. You will be able to find our contact details on our website contact us page.

Why was my application declined?

Applications can be declined for a whole host of reasons. Unfortunately, we are not given the reason why a customer is declined for a credit application. The authorisation process is carried out by the Klarna Bank AB and HouseProud Furnishings has no part in the decision.

The decline message is sent to you by the Klarna Bank AB, with no justification or explanation. If you wish to find out more please contact the Klarna Bank AB directly. Their details can be found in the email you received from Klarna Bank AB confirming the lending decision.

I'm having problems uploading my proof of identity

You need to carefully follow the instructions on screen to upload your proof of identity image. You can use a smartphone camera to take a picture of your identity document, there’s no need to have a scanner.

I'm having problems paying my deposit online.

Please carefully re-enter all your card details. Your card must be enabled for 3-D Secure for Klarna Bank AB to take payment online. Please note: Klarna Bank AB cannot take card payments over the phone or by any other means.